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Denver Police Detective Jack Tate never thought that investigating a prostitute's murder would cause him to lose his identity, money, home, job and friends, especially in the mid-21st century, with its unparalleled electronic security and efficiency. What first seems like a crime of passion begins to look more and more like a premeditated act as Jack uses his own intuitions alongside the high-tech crime fighting tools of his day. When Jack learns more about the strange nature of the murder, he realizes that he’s facing an unknown enemy with an unknown motive, and he really doesn’t even know all of what the enemy is capable of doing.


To make matters worse, Jack soon finds himself severed from the very technology that makes him an accepted member of society and an effective police officer. Branded as a criminal, battling homelessness, and with few leads, Jack must pool his resources with unexpected allies to discover the true nature of his predicament and prepare for the ultimate confrontation.


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“…inventive…” “…maybe just a bit prophetic…”



“An exciting speculative fiction entry with an interesting twist on cloning in a gritty loss-of-identity noir detective story.”

- Kenny Kemp, Author of Lightland